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Gold Leaf Dome Repair | Strongsville OH

Domes and Gold Leaf Projects:

Steeplejacks of America is a professional gold leaf Gilder, and a genuine gold leaf installer nationwide. For gold leaf dome repair in Strongsville OH and surrounding areas we prepare the domes and crosses by orbital sanding. We then wipe it with an environmental safe solution to remove any dust from the substrate; whereever you may want gold leaf, we will apply gold leaf. We work on state capitol domes, crosses, Orthodox church domes, court house domes. We also remove old copper metal and replace with new copper. We repair any wind damage, ice damage, hail damage, all metals and install new metal. We provide nationwide Steeplejack services for all of your hard to reach and maintainence projects.
Saint Mary Orthodox Church Domes - Applied 23.75 Kt. Gold Leaf - 
July 2011
St George Orthodox Church , Tuck pointed Brick Coated Domes Silvers June 2011 
German Rosa Noble Gold Leaf 23.75 XX 19 GRMS IN WEIGHT
Gold-Leaf applied to sailboat weathervane
St. Nicholas Orthodox Church - Repaired, renovated, and applied Perma-gild gold coating -
Merchant Marine Mariners Chapel
Complete renovation, new white Kynar alum. louvers, new fiberglass consoles, applied Gold Leaf to dome and weathervane, new stainless steal hatch and access ladder, replaced deteriorated western red cedar to entire cupola, installed new column, new lead copper deck and floor pans, applied liquid vinyl coating to entire cupola and front facade and soffit area of main sanctuary. 33