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    What Is The Process Of Gilding Gold Leaf Domes?

    Gilded domes with their shimmering gold display make spectacular features that are a part of history. Owing to the meticulous process of adding gold leaf to domes and structural features, we do not subcontract and instead manage the entire application with an experienced and highly skilled technical team. In this article, we look at the tradition of gilding and why it’s essential to call on professional technicians for repair and gilding gold leaf domes.

    The application of the golden color on churches is most notable in historical buildings such as St. Isaac’s Cathedral. It was gilded in the 1830s and today remains one of the most notable traditional buildings with a golden dome. When properly restored or new applications are required, relying on the expertise of gilders ensures the original beauty and condition of such architectural artwork is upheld.

    The golden color and metallic sheen that are unique to these features can be restored where damage has occurred. Where cracks or a lack of uniformity become apparent, skilled gilders should always be contacted to restore the appeal of affected structures or buildings. As experienced gilders at Steeplejacks of America, we assist with gilding services for churches, state capitol domes, courthouses, and more.

    Our repair services include the removal of old copper metal and we replace it with new copper. We fix damages that are caused by hail, heavy rain and wind, and the frost by replacing old metal. Through our restorative techniques, we achieve a seamless result in which the brilliance of these golden features is enhanced.

    We assist with gilding gold leaf crosses to provide durable and long-lasting results. The application of strong materials will give buildings that incredible golden appearance that is characteristic of this traditional technique. Contact our professional and experienced services for lasting repairs and striking finishes that remain an important part of gilded buildings and architectural features.

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