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    Gilding Gold Leaf Domes Services And Repairs

    Gilded domes are exquisite features that are unique and considered a true work of architectural art. Should these structures require repair or restoration, you need a specialized service to assist in restoring the beauty and uniqueness of their metallic finish. At Steeplejacks of America, our services include gilding gold leaf domes to restore the original finishes and historical significance of steeples and domes.

    Gilded architecture can be traced back hundreds of years and is most prominent in churches that maintain much of its traditional or historical architecture today. Exposure to the elements and aging often leaves these golden features looking lackluster with a loss of shine, uniformity, and the design that it is so well-known for. As experts in the repair of domes and related architecture, we assist with restoration services of the highest standard and artistry.

    Our gilding services for churches and crosses include the application of orbital sanding to prepare the surface for application. Once the surface is cleaned, we carefully apply the gold leaf to produce a smooth and polished result. Along with our attention to detail, we use environmentally friendly cleaning agents to remove dust and debris that would otherwise compromise the smooth and attractive metal coating.

    For government buildings, churches, and many styles of older architecture, we apply techniques that are as close to the historical application as possible. Our aim is to restore the original condition of these buildings while upholding many of the ancient features that are part of the architecture. We manually clean and restore these buildings with a team of passionate and experienced technicians.

    From gilding gold leaf crosses to churches, state capitol domes, and court house domes, we offer extensive repair services. Our specialization in restoration ensures that a seamless result is achieved in which the value of these buildings is maintained. Speak to us for professional restorative services in which we strive to uphold the integrity of traditional architecture.

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